Will higher education be happy?

Most Canadians think so

What about you? What about the people without the diplomas that will still have earthly work in the fields they love?

This makes things more than a little putsch for those of us who have not completely disassembled our academic situations

How do we know what we need? How do we know what makes us happy?

The persecution of Masters, PhD or professional degree can be a wonderful solution-you just need to know yourself before you go through that decision

40.6% of students who participated in the survey reported "very good" academic experience in their schools, only 11% rated it as "excellent" or "bad" and 25% as "excellent." Similar figures applied to students are satisfied with both their programmes and their general experience with the graduate student (this information is provided in section 11 of the survey, if you really want to read it)

As indicated in section 8 of the survey, only 19 per cent of the students are estimated to have a debt of up to $10,000 and 22.3 per cent of the respondents estimate that their debt can be in the range of $10,000 to $30,000. SCHA. Less than 11% predicted that they would have a debt at any place from $30K to $80K +

48.5% of respondents reported that they would complete their diplomas with $0 on debt

Let me just write it down to zero dollars

This is possible through scholarships, scholarships, scholarships and auxiliaries, those that are at the top of any other income or savings, of course

Todd Pettigrew, Associate Professor of English at the University of Cape Breton University, can back up this information

All this information is completely at odds with the scary part, who are postaged students-to their neckies-in debt, non-travellers, or otherwise, if they do not have their own lives. How is it that many Canadian graduate students seem to be happy with school when they are perceived as such a young experience?

Well, it's just that when the wrong people go to grad school, it's a sucking soul. When the right people do it, it's a decent occupation

So, deciding whether you have a master's degree, a PhD or a different professional degree, you should ask yourself:

  • How am I interested in my chosen field?
  • How can I be sustainable for stress?
  • I don't mind doing research and science all the time?
  • Do I really think that the magistut school will be generally pleasant?
  • If in your answers to these questions was something like, " Super. Very much so. Yes, I do. Yes, " congratulations! Perhaps you will prosper in grad school

    However, if you want to go to school only because you think your career prospects will improve, you may want to reconsider your decision

    So, if you're looking at a school for your supposedly lucrative job prospects, you might be disappointed. Even though many universities have been teaching their students in the future "with some advertising"

    Loretta McMann, a law student at the Osgoode Hall Law School, whose name has been changed for reasons of confidentiality, can confirm the danger of passing through an aspirant when it is not a work force of love. When I questioned her about it, she described her experience in law school as "the most stressfull life of [ her] life", not stress in a good way

    "I've been looking at the main philosophy course, but the prospect of career growth has become more attractive in the long run," she said. "My family was in law school after school, so it was the main factor."

    And because external factors forced her to go against her better judgment, Loretta felt "like a cog in the system, forcefully entered information that was neither useful nor interesting" during her studies at a law school

    In spite of his bad experience, Loretta has very clear advice for aspic scientists who receive higher education: " If you love studying the subject, you will think about studying in graduate school. Don't do it for prestige. Don't do it because you're already doing it. Don't do it for any reason other than you love him. "

    Happiness comes about when you do what you have to do, whether it's about the family, how to become a musician or to get a higher education. School attendance is a decision you have to make

    I'd like to direct you to you

    You, as they say so right, do that. No one is better suited to contribute to your own happiness than your dear old vanity

    Enjoy it, Tina! For you to win,

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